matthew as a q.




紅葉に感動した I was impressed with autumn leaves.

タスクを振られたら、より早めに手をつけるべき。 When you are assigned with some tasks, you should begin them at an earlier time.

期限までに終わらせてもらえますか? Can you finish your tasks on time?

たくさんの紙をシュレッダーにかけないといけないのは知っているけれども、あなたは既に30分もシュレッダーを使ってるよね。 I know that you have to shred a lot of papers, but you have been using machine for 30 minutes now. 私もすぐにこのドキュメントをシュレッダーにかける必要があるの、次の10分でミーティングに参加するために。 I also need to shred this documents immediately, so that I could attend meeting in the next 10 minutes. すぐに終わらせてもらえますか? Could you finished your tasks right away?


()内の表現の代わりに大文字の表現を使うほうがベター。 I went to (watch) SEE autumn leaves (to) IN the park near my house.

He talked WITH her in private.

I usually (hear) LISTEN to their situation first.

let off some steam: talk a lot to release their feeling of anger

ventilate: express; put into words (They just want to ventilate their feelings.)


プレゼンテーションにはこちらが適している。 This will suit for your presentation.

うるさい(の間接的な言い方) I'm getting ear pain.


(しゃべってると冠詞(article)忘れがち) He did not prepare THE agenda.

Not good: She felt anxiety. Better: She felt anxious.

(しゃべっていると途中で必要ないwould like toとかはさみがちなので注意) Could our boss and I would like to talk with you?

副詞 adverb

形容詞 adjective


The boss will describe the information of the project on our meeting

より詳細な情報を添えるべき Is Thursday, 10am or Friday, 11am good for you? Can we meet either on Wednesday afternoon at 3pm or Thursday afternoon at 4pm?


It is better to work overseas to get more salary.

高齢化が進んでる The number of the elderly is increasing every year

伝え方大事 The delivery of the message is as important as the message itself


I talked to him about my current situation and his

calm downは動詞 We should calm down ourselves

仕事が多いのに人員が足らない We are under staff.

イデアを勧めるときは、increase, decreaseする、くらいではなく、より具体的な効果を述べるべき。 またアイデア自体も具体的なアイデアを述べるべき。 We should hire 3 additional employees within this month. This will result in the reduction of 20%-30% of our tasks.


いまさらの自己紹介フレーズ I have been working in our company for about 5 years now.

賛同しかねるときのフレーズ I see what you mean but with lower corporate taxes, the government can't provide enough public services.

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